Montclair's PTCO

The purpose of the Montclair PTCO is to support the education of children at Montclair Elementary School by fostering relationships among the school, parents and teachers.  The PTCO will also aim to be a vehicle for communication and support among home, school and community, bringing all into a closer relationship.

We run many events throughout the year to benefit our school and the education of our children. From fundraisers to orientations to family fun events, it all happens through the PTCO! Get involved - join the PTCO today.


Click the link below to go to the Montclair PTCO website:
Montclair PTCO



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Here are dates for upcoming PTCO events:

 March 6- Spirit Night at Nando's

March 21- PTCO meeting

April 12- Paint Night

April 18- PTCO meeting

April 24- Spirit Night at El Paso

May 6-10- Teacher Appreciation Week

May 16- PTCO meeting

May 18- 5th Grade Dance

May 29- Spirit Night at Sweet Frog