Speech and Language Therapy

Mr. Hutchings

Hello Cardinals and Welcome to Speech!


Your home is filled with many AMAZING speech and language opportunities! I have listed some activities below that can be used to address your IEP goal areas and more importantly, they are FUN!

Read, read, AND READ! Reading and looking through picture books can target many of our speech and language goals. Asking and answering wh- (who, what, where, when, why) questions about the story or pictures, describing objects and actions you see in the pictures and retelling the story using the pictures to help guide you. You can also search for your target sounds in the text or find objects or characters in the pictures that have your target sound. How was your speech when you did some of these activities? Did you use any strategies to enhance smooth speech when it may have gotten a little bumpy?

Play I Spy!
This game helps to develop so many speech and language skills such as describing, listening and articulation skills. Use colors, sizes, functions of objects, or position words (on, under, next to etc.) to describe something in the room. "I spy something round and blue under the chair". Can you guess what it is without looking?!

Mystery Bag! Place objects in a bag and reach in and try to guess what it is based on the shape, size, texture or parts. Do you need a another clue before you guess? Ask a family member to describe the function of the object (what does it do?). After you guess, can you think of an object that is similar or different to the one you selected? What category or group does the object best fit in? Do the objects have your speech sound in it? Describe the object in one sentence.

Give these activities a try! Have fun!

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