Hello!  Welcome to my teacher web page. 
Here you will find all the resources and updates that I have been sharing with you in one place.

Please click the appropriate link below to find your grade-level information page:

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade

Here are some resources that I have shared with you.  I you are having difficulty accessing these things, please email me at fassetkj@pwcs.edu:

Core Communication Board- Click here to access a low-tech copy of the LAMP communication board that can be used at home.

Flip Grid-  Your student's grade-level has their own Flip Grid!  Flip Grid is a fun way to complete interactive activities and post a video to respond to it.  You received your grade-level's Flip Grid info in an email from me.  

Raz-Kids-  Your student has been assigned books based on their reading level on this site.  They may listen to the story or read it.  Some have questions to answer at the end.  Students can also complete reading comprehension/phonics lessons at their own pace!  Your username and password was emailed to you!

Boom Learning- These are digital task cards.  Your student was assigned "decks" to complete.  Your username and password was emailed to you.

Social Stories- Click below to access social stories about the coronavirus.

Social Story about Coronavirus

Coronavirus Social Story

Washing my Hands Social Story

Week of April 13th Fun Video

Week of April 20th Fun Videos:

Week of April 27th Fun Videos:

Week of May 4th Fun Videos:

Week of May 11th