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June 8-12   Summer Reading - Respond HERE

June 1-5     Book Talks - Respond HERE

May 25-29   Book Genres - Respond HERE

May 18-22   Research Review - PebbleGo - Respond HERE

May 11-15   Biographies - Respond HERE

May 4-8  Non-Fiction Review - Respond HERE

April 27-May 1 Haiku Hike - Respond HERE

April 20-24 Whistle for Willie - 4 Elements of a Story.  Respond HERE

April 13-17 Alma and How She Got Her Name.  Respond HERE

Reading at home is important for your child's growth as a reader and should be a daily activity.
Allow your child to read books that he or she enjoys and is interested in.  Here are some fun ideas for reading at home:
  • Read a book to a pet, stuffed animal, or sibling.
  • Read in the great outdoors in a hammock, in a lawn chair, or on a beach towel.
  • Record yourself reading a book aloud and send your video to a grandparent, teacher, or friend.
  • Use Legos to build a character, setting, or event from your book.
  • Build a fort using chairs, blankets, and pillows.  Grab a flashlight and a good book and read inside your fort.
  • Read functional text.  For example, have your child read a recipe and cook/bake the item.
  • Listen to a book being read aloud.  Storyline Online is a great website with quality books read aloud by well known actors and actresses.
  • We have free access to Tumblebooks through August 31st.  There are many great resources here, including ebooks for all grades.  There are picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, nonfiction, and more!  Give it a try today.  The website is  Username:  Monty    Password:  trial.
  • Read an ebook or listen to an audio book.  Check out Prince William County Public Library for many great resources.  All you need is a library card to access these free resources!
  • Read aloud to your child.  If he or she is interested in a book above his/her level, reading aloud is a great solution.  Modeling fluent reading helps your child grow as a reader!
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