The Montclair art room has been designed to provide a welcoming and comfortable place for students to grow in their creativity and skills. Students learn the ways that art is connected to nearly all parts of people’s lives. Projects and lessons link to historic and modern topics from a variety of cultures and subjects. In an effort to teach personal responsibility, decision making, and self expression, students in grades 2-5 use and maintain the "Creative Choices Art Carts". These carts are interactive storage centers that allow students to choose what materials and tools they use to create and complete that day’s art project. Kindergarten and 1st grade students learn a variety of art skills with art stations which allow for movement around the room and creative exploration.

Student artwork is regularly displayed in the school building and in PWCS shows and displays when possible. Students learn how to talk about artwork in productive ways with in-class art shows and critiques. We learn about art related careers, art movements, and important artists. We even keep up with recent art news and are inspired by interesting artists of today’s world. The art program at Montclair will always seek to embolden young artists and creators with excitement and passion for creating and guide them towards relevant ways they can use their creative art and design interests.