Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year! 
Dear students and parents,
We understand that you may be upset about schools closing for the year.  We are sad too, because we miss you all very much, and we care about your learning and your overall well being.  Please know that the ESOL team and your classroom teachers are working hard to figure out how we can connect with you over the next several months.  We will be reaching out soon and often.  Know that we think of you every single day, and that you may contact us at any time through the emails listed below. 
We will be updating this page with resources and optional activities for you to do at home. Make sure to click on the ESOL FILES AND DOCUMENTS for activities and resources.
Please stay safe and healthy!
Mrs. Fasick  ♥  Mrs. Lemen  ♥  Mrs. Duffy  ♥  Ms. Persinger

Queridas Familias,
Entendemos que deben estar triste porque las escuela estan cerradas por el resto del ano escolar. Nosotros estamos tambien  muy triste y los estranamos mucho. Queremos lo mejor para el aprendizaje de su estudiante. Las maestras estamos trabajando juntas para ver la mejor manera para conectar con ustedes. Siempre pensamos en ustedes. Pueden mandarnos un email si necesitan ayuda or preguntas. 
Vamos a poner actividades opcionales que pueden hacer en casa y recursos. Pueden ser clic en la parte que dice ESOL FILES AND DOCUMENTS.
Mantengase saludable!

  We look forward to collaborating with you and the classroom teacher so that we can help your student reach proficiency in English while meeting
and exceeding state content standards. 
The ESOL team...
Mrs. Fasick- fasickcc@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Lemen-LemenBD@pwcs.edu

Ms. Persinger- PersinMM@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Duffy-Duffyam@pwcs.edu